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Hey, guys.

Sorry I've been MIA for... 'bout a year now...

...and sorry that I keep headlining my journals with the previous statement.

I thought 2011 was the worst year of my life, well, 2012 said, "Challenge accepted," bitchslapped us in the face early in the year, and since then has continued to kick us while we're down.

So, I am going to be OPEN for EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS from here on out!
Prices will be at the bottom of this post if you'd prefer skipping the below explanation.

Going to attempt to keep this TL;DR story very brief... as it is only the tip of the iceberg:

I live with my mother, who is disabled and can no longer work, and my stepfather, who has been retired for many years.
I have been the only person employed in this household for over six years.
In March, my stepfather had a stroke. Since then he has been half-blind in each eye and can no longer care for himself. He can't walk, can't manage his own medicine, and has stopped eating because he has lost the will to live.
Visits to the emergency room are on average twice a week for us.
Either me or my mom has to be home at all times to make sure my stepdad takes his meds, eats at least a little bit, and doesn't injure himself.

I myself am also very ill and have been since 2008, being diagnosed with a brain tumor, a heart condition which causes me to pass out in extreme situations of stress, and just recently in January, Ocular Neuromyotonia, an extremely rare disease that only 14 other people in the world have been diagnosed with. Lucky me, eh?

So, as a result of that, I've been drowning in my own medical bills, even when taking on extra shifts at work.
I was let go from my job due to new management deciding to fire those who they didn't like, as well as those who had been working there a long time. And I had been working there almost 7 years, so. Self explanatory. I've not told my mother, I've been "pretending" to go to work, in actuality during my time out of the house I've been applying for jobs left and right but since I live in Michigan, the fourth highest state in unemployment, nothing's come up.

So, I feel really bad that I have to show up in such disrepair... but I'm at the end of my rope. I'm running out of medicine. And our medical insurance covers jack shit, I can't afford a $120 doctors appointment to renew my prescription. I've been bordering on suicidal for many months now, failing to manage my severe clinical depression (yes, I am seeing a therapist, have been for years). And if I run out of these meds, I most surely won't be around much longer.

I've been putting up many of my possessions for sale on craigslist, and I've tried to apply for SSI/Disability, but have been denied. I just don't know how to "work the system" like others that I know who have been approved and are in a better financial state of affairs than I am. *shrug* oh well...

Without further ado, here we go...

--Sketch: $5 (Example: and ignore the writing, it was a screencap)
--Outline: $7  (Example:
--Flatcolor: $10   (Example: and
--Fully shaded (MLP style) + BG: $15 (Example: and and

Additional characters are +$2 each.
Price of adding a BG onto sketch/outline/flatcolor will vary.

Prices may vary depending on complexity of the commission.

For headshots/icons and anything you might be confused about (since I know I probably am really confusing D: ), note me and we'll work everything out. :)

Also I will further elaborate in a later journal entry of an adoptable event/full on character package, including but not limited to:
A fully shaded custom character/adoptable
Headshot(s)/Avatar icon(s) of them
Fully animated and programmed sprites for the Desktop Ponies program
Several flatcolor/shaded pics of them

...I'll explain more later if there's an interest :3

I take Paypal and snail-mail. My PayPal is ~ Snail Mail, note me ~
P.S. I also take donations, too..... ._.

Sorry again for coming back from the dead on such grim terms, but... if I aint gettin out of here alive, might as well do what I do best and draw ponies for all you awesome folks. It's a far stride for me in my current mental state to realize that at least I'm good at something, for a change.

For the next few days I'll also be replying to notes/comments/etc, no matter how old they are. I'll feel terrible if I don't.



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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm a self taught artist from the get-go. Due to chronic illness as a child barring me from going outside, I'd entertained myself with drawing, day in and day out. I am constantly observing the environment around me. I am steadily improving, forever practicing and paving my own way to my ideal perfection.

My methods in art may be unorthodox... but it's a method that works for me.

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